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Linux Server Management
Linux Server Troubleshooting
Mass Email Marketing Platforms
Web Server Management
Email Server Management
Cyber Security
Linux Error and Bug fixing
Web Server

A web server is server software, or hardware dedicated to running said software, that can satisfy World Wide Web client requests.

Mass E-mail Server

Bulk email server, email marketing solution, SMTP servers, VPS servers configured for e-marketing.

Web Application

A web application or web app is a client–server computer program that the client runs in a web browser.

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    About Me!

    I obtained a Master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Jagannath University, Bangladesh. and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) from the Green University of Bangladesh. When I was a student at MSc at that time, I gathered vast hands-on experience in cyber security and forensic investigation. I finished my master's thesis in cyber security, which IEEE published. 'Development of Cyber Attack Model for Private Network,' 2022 Second International Conference on Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems (ICPS), 2022, pp. 216-221, doi: 10.1109/ICPS55917.2022.00046. Also, I have 14 years of experience in the defense organization in Bangladesh. When I was in a defense organization at that time, I worked in data center management, network management, data center security, FortiGate Email getaway, FortiGate Firewall, Voice Communication, VoIP, E1/T1/VHF/HF Communication, Voice Muliplaxer, Microwave Communication Systems, Radar Technology, and Airborne Communications. I am a dedicated systems analyst with a focus on Linux servers, Linux troubleshooting, Linux security, and cybersecurity. I have more than ten years of professional experience in Linux systems. My expertise lies in managing and securing email servers, utilising various tools such as Mautic, PowerMTA, bulk email solutions, SMTP servers, Mailwizz, AceMailer, Interspire, Magento, WordPress, Nodejs, Django, and script installations. My services are designed to help you secure your website and data from malicious attacks. I am here to provide you with the best technical solutions for your IT needs. I have a wide range of expertise and extensive knowledge about technology. I am able to provide excellent IT support services that will be tailored to fit the unique needs of your business. From providing you with up-to-date advice on cyber security to helping you set up servers and troubleshoot any problems you may have with your IT infrastructure, I am committed to helping you achieve the success that your business deserves. With a profound understanding of Linux systems and extensive experience in managing VoIP systems, cPanel administration, Oracle DB, MySQL database management, and server components like Postfix, Dovecot, Apache, DNS, Nginx, and php-fpm, I will optimise system performance and maintain high-level security measures. My passion for efficient problem-solving enables me to adapt quickly to new technologies and emerging trends. With a keen eye for detail and a proactive approach to system management, I am committed to delivering exceptional results by implementing robust security protocols and optimising system performance. I possess extensive technical knowledge and experience in installing and configuring a wide range of platforms. These include Interspire, which facilitates seamless customer engagement; Magento, which offers e-commerce solutions; WordPress, which manages content management systems (CMS); Nodejs, which provides scalable frameworks for developing web applications; and Django, which promotes efficient web development. Moreover, he possesses a demonstrated history of successfully installing and customising scripts on Linux servers. Having worked extensively with email servers, including SMTP servers, and platforms like Mailwizz and Interspire, I have successfully nurtured proficiency in bulk email management. Connect with me today to explore how his expertise can drive your organisation's success in overcoming technical challenges and achieving optimal system functionality.

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    Our process on creating awesome projects.

    Looking for the most reliable graphic designer? Our team of experienced professionals can help you create the perfect visual design solution for your project. We offer the best design and customer service in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create the perfect design solution for your needs.

    John Marshall

    Our web design team will work with our digital marketing team to create innovative, engaging and functional websites that meet your digital marketing needs. Our experienced team will work together to develop a strategy that fits the needs of your business and your customers.

    Steve Roberts
    Digital Marketing

    Our team of system engineers provides comprehensive solutions to various IT problems. We specialize in system architecture, maintenance, deployment, automation and orchestration. Our expertise and experience enable us to provide cost-effective, reliable and efficient services. Let us help you optimize your IT systems today!

    Michael Cartney
    System Engineers

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